Lobster Onesie Kigurumi SAZAC


Haha, when we saw this onesie, we immediately realized we had to add it to the shop. This is the craziest and coolest onesie we’ve ever seen. The Lobster Onesie is probably the most detailed onesie we have because every detail has been meticulously crafted. Its sturdy shield with antennas is immediately noticeable but the coolest gadgets are probably the 2 pruning claws that hang at the end of your arms. Of course, the claws on the Lobster Jumpsuit are not really very practical for munching a bag of potato chips (if you dare to do so, send us the video plz😉 ) and for this reason we’ve provided openings for you to get your hands through as if you had an ordinary sleeve. Its piercing eyes and the antennas on its head complete the onesie perfectly.

Official SAZAC Onesie Kigurumi

All Onesie Wonderland onesies are official SAZAC products. SAZAC guarantees the best quality for a long-lasting comfort and pleasure. A super soft fabric, perfect finishes and the most beautiful models. Don’t be tempted by cheap and illegal imitations. Click here and find out all about genuine SAZAC quality.


  • Super comfortable and cozy Fleece
  • Button-End closure
  • Washing Machine-Safe
  • Fits anyone with a height between 155 & 178 cm

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