Our customers’ reviews

It’s easy to speak positively about oneself, but in order to give you the most real image of our shop, we prefer to give our customers a voice. From the customer’s point of view they have experience with our site, products, service and others.

Below, find an overview of the comments that our customers have submitted via Kiyoh. Kiyoh is an independent site that registers customer comments on e-shops. Are you interested in what our customers have to say? Check out their comments on the Kiyoh website.

The advantages of Kiyoh

Kiyoh gives real customers the opportunity to share their experiences on our e-shop. This implies that only those who have placed an order can write a comment, which excludes possible false comments. Furthermore we cannot delete or adapt bad comments at Kiyoh. Thus we assure you an honest picture of our e-shop rating.

e-shop certificate | Secure e-shopping

Onesie Wonderland has the independent online store certificate. This means that the shop has been officially tested on elementary points. Company data, customer feedback, reliability, honest prices, reliable return process and even the commitment of Mystery shoppers to test us on these points. Each time we passed with flying colors, which makes us very proud to have this certificate.

Read more on our online store certificate page.