Why SAZAC onesies

The SAZAC onesies are the perfect onesies to buy when you are looking for the best quality products.  SAZAC is a Japanese company that made these onesies famous (also known as Kigurumi). They feature comical models of all animals as well as products from Disney, Nintendo and others. Are you looking for the best of the best? Then you’ve come to the right place!


Unfortunately, there are more and more imitations on the market that copy SAZAC models. These poor quality imitations are incomparable to the quality of a real SAZAC onesie. You can tell by the thin fabric, the poor finish and the poor quality.

Notice the difference

The difference in quality between the real onesies and the imitations is clearly noticeable. Below you will find a number of sample photos on which you can see the difference between the real onesies and the imitations. Please pay attention to the quality of the fabric, bad seams, irregular colors and asymmetrical faces.