Cerberus Onesie Kigurumi SAZAC


Not much to tell about this Cerberus Onesie because the pictures speak for themselves! This dangerous dog of Hades who watches with his 3 heads over the gates to the kingdom of darkness is a very special onesie. To see such a specimen is quite rare! In addition to its 3 heads it is very soft and you have a dangerous and strong tail, which completes your outfit perfectly.

So you are a Greek Mythology or Dogs enthusiast, or you are probably just badass enough to wear this onesie? Stop thinking about it and go for it because this limited-edition Cerberus Onesie is only temporarily available.

Official SAZAC Onesie Kigurumi

All Onesie Wonderland onesies are official SAZAC products. SAZAC guarantees the best quality for a long-lasting comfort and pleasure. A super soft fabric, perfect finishes and the most beautiful models. Don’t be tempted by cheap and illegal imitations. Click here and find out all about genuine SAZAC quality.


  • Super comfortable and cozy Fleece
  • Button-End closure
  • Washing Machine-Safe
  • Fits anyone with a height between 155 & 178 cm

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