Otter Onesie Kigurumi SAZAC


Did you know that this Otter Onesie is actually a Sea Otter? You can easily notice it by the charming shell which is also provided as an accessory! This otter has actually swam to the most beautiful island to search for and bring you back the cuddliest special shell. So, you can clearly see again that in our Premium Collection we have thought of every single detail. You can also see that this Otter Jumpsuit has a big tail just like in real life, and the charming little face of this Otter Onesie almost completes the picture. Why not quite? Well, we’ll tell you about it! The cute legs of this onesie finish the picture completely. You may have already noticed that you can put your hands in its claws to keep them warm so you never feel cold again. Of course, the sleeves are designed in such a way that you can easily take your hands out, so it’s very practical ;).

Official SAZAC Onesie Kigurumi

All Onesie Wonderland onesies are official SAZAC products. SAZAC guarantees the best quality for a long-lasting comfort and pleasure. A super soft fabric, perfect finishes and the most beautiful models. Don’t be tempted by cheap and illegal imitations. Click here and find out all about genuine SAZAC quality.


  • Super comfortable and cozy Fleece
  • Button-End closure
  • Washing Machine-Safe
  • Fits anyone with a height between 155 & 178 cm

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