Sloth Onesie Kigurumi SAZAC


Of course, we can tell you long stories but everyone who is lazy, or likes memes on the internet, knows that the Sloth is the most epic animal in the world. To relax fully, and again and again, that is simply what this animal was designed for. And if this sounds like music to your ears, you know this outfit is 100% made for you. No matter if you call it Lazy or Sloth Onesie, it is definitely one of the coolest models currently available in the shop (according to us 😉). What’s nice about this onesie is that it also has the typical Sloth claws. This way you can easily slip your hands in so that in winter you won’t get cold. Of course, we also thought that this is not always very practical and that is why it is possible to put your hands through the openings next to the claws to make it a little easier for you to gobble up that popcorn.

Official SAZAC Onesie Kigurumi

All Onesie Wonderland onesies are official SAZAC products. SAZAC guarantees the best quality for a long-lasting comfort and pleasure. A super soft fabric, perfect finishes and the most beautiful models. Don’t be tempted by cheap and illegal imitations. Click here and find out all about genuine SAZAC quality.


  • Super comfortable and cozy Fleece
  • Button-End closure
  • Washing Machine-Safe
  • Fits anyone with a height between 155 & 178 cm

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